About us

Nuno Fonseca - Sound Particles

Nuno Fonseca


Loves technology, sound and cinema... The creator of Sound Particles is a former university professor, with a PhD in computer audio. He has published 2 books and 20+ papers on audio technology.

Diogo Gonçalves - Sound Particles

Diogo Gonçalves

Sales Manager

Sound and cinema have always been his passion. He studied Sound Engineering (BSc) at the Lisbon Higher School of Music and Postproduction with Sound Design (MSc) at the University of York. His background in sound combined with an early use of Sound Particles made him an expert on the software which enables his contribution to several areas of the business such as testing, customer service and sales.

Tim Hurrell - Sound Particles

Tim Hurrell

Business Development

From guitars and 4 tracks to a career mixing business, recording and technology I’m privileged to have lived and worked through the move from tape to DAW, A to D and on to hybrid workflows. It’s amazing to work at the point where audio technology meets entertainment, as immersive experiences are becoming a standard, the creative potential is incredible.

Victor Carreira - Sound Particles

Victor Carreira

Senior Developer

Full stack developer. Loves technology, science-fiction and hiking. Former university professor, part-time geek, full-time father of three.

Pedro Ferreira - Sound Particles

Pedro Ferreira

Software Engineer

Loves enhancing development and operational processes. Former university professor, with multiple papers published over a decade while teaching software engineering and business process management courses.

Ashley Prazeres - Sound Particles

Ashley Prazeres


Graduated from Digital Games and Multimedia course and university teacher. Loves video games and software development.

Gabriel Silva - Sound Particles

Gabriel Silva

Software Developer

University professor at Polytechnic of Leiria with a degree in computer science. Interested in Artificial Intelligence and video games.

Ricardo Sousa - Sound Particles

Ricardo Sousa

QA Tester

After CEO Nuno Fonseca, Ricardo was the second employee of Sound Particles when it became a company. Aspires to be a professional composer (movies, series, videogames). Takes inspiration from Hanz Zimmer, Two Steps from Hell and Ludovico Einaudi. Loves playing the piano, videogames and movies.

Marco Afonso - Sound Particles

Marco Afonso

UI Developer

A programmer passionate about graphic design, stubborn to the pixel. Has done freelance work in branding and promotional material. Studied Digital Games and Multimedia at the Superior School of Technology and Management at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria.

Catarina Feijão - Sound Particles

Catarina Feijão

Social Media Manager & Content Creator

Finishing a degree in Music Technologies (BSc) at the Lisbon Higher School of Music after finding out that being a rock star was out of reach. Loves music, cats, video games, anime, dancing and a lot of other unrelated things. Currently fighting the urge to post memes at Sound Particles.

Henrique Vassalo - Sound Particles

Henrique Vassalo

QA Tester & Sound Designer

A Sound Designer passionate about audio and music technology. During graduation found inspiration in Ben Burtt’s work, and the power of conveying emotion trough sound sculpting. Sat at the drums for a decade, and just recently started picking guitar strings, in the hopes of becoming an overly underrated musician. A curious hopper with OSPP such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi, carelessly aiming to take Skynet online by 2022.